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Shipping Info

Due to the nature of our business, shipping is not known until after the order is packed and processed. 
For orders placed over the internet, you will be notified via email of your final total including all shipping
charges after the order has been invoiced and shipped.

How long until my order is shipped?
Usually 1-3 business days after the order is placed. If you need an order shipped out quicker, 
let us know. We can typically rush an order at no extra charge.

 What is a lift gate for a truck line order?
A lift gate is required when the customer does not have a loading dock or a fork lift.
A lift gate allows the truck driver to pull the pallet of product to the end of the truck and lower the pallet
to the ground for delivery to the customer. Additional charges apply.

 What is inside delivery?
Inside delivery is required when a truck driver has to unload and transport the freight inside the customer's
place of business. Additional charges apply.

 What is a residential delivery?
Residential delivery occurs when the customer does not have a commercial address
thus requiring the truck line to deliver to a house/residence. Truck lines have to use a special truck that is smaller
than their regular trucks for these type of deliveries. Additional charges apply.